A Mandala is a cosmic fragment, it is energy in action, it is a vibration that unfolds. It is a breath that vibrates.

A mandala is always a circle. The circle represents unity. In a circle, all positions are important. The circle evokes harmony and peace.

The circle is the symbol of the universe and the center represents the pure energy that sustains and animates it. The center is equidistant from all points on the periphery. That’s what keeps the circle in balance. Between the central point and the periphery there are uninterrupted exchanges, and these exchanges produce life throughout the space of the circle. All life is there. It vibrates, throbs, digests, eliminates, breathes, and thinks…

Everyone is the center of their own world. It is never possible for us to see the world through the eyes of others. But on the other hand, each center of the world is at the same time on the periphery of another.

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