The Wonderful World of Caroline Singler

My world

The creation process makes me so happy and my ultimate desire is to bring joy and happiness in the heart of those art lovers. Hopefully, my work will contaminate people with love and pleasure.

Joy, cheerfulness, fantasy are the spirits of my creations. Strongly inspired by cartoons and also by the world of storytelling, I like to showcase the metaphorical, naïve and playful style that I developed over the years where characters and shapes, are often distorted to accentuate the dimensions of that fantastic world of mine. I use acrylic paint, paper and even fabrics. I use many tools such as brushes, combs or anything that can bring textures, thickness and depth to my work.

Animals are almost all the time in my works because of the authenticity and unique aspects they bring into my stories. They live through my art without bothering about tomorrow and I wish my work will follow that path also. I paint several layers and I let the colors be my guide. Quickly a wing, a leg or anything else appears and I simply work around that until the whole story takes place on the canvas.

About me

Caroline was born in Montreal in the 60s. Today, she lives in the beautiful Mauricie countryside. After the birth of her two sons, Caroline enrolled at the University of Quebec in Montreal and earned a degree in visual arts. In the ten years following Caroline’s formal art education, she dedicated her time to mastering figure drawing. Over the years, Caroline has made a name for herself in the art community and secured several contracts with illustrators and gallery owners. Caroline is known for her unique, playful, and charming works of art.


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